Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oldest written text found in al-Quds

Excavations have unveiled a tiny clay tablet, which archeologists say bears the oldest written document ever found in al-Quds (Jerusalem).

The fragment was found in the Ophel area, located between the southern wall of the Old City of al-Quds and the City of David to its south.

The 2-centimeter-long fragment dates back to the 14th century BCE and is believed to be part of a tablet from the royal archives.

According to head of the excavation team Eilat Mazar of Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology, the partial text is an ancient form of Acadian wedge script and includes the words 'you,' 'them,' and 'later.'

The newly found tablet predates the next-oldest written record found in al-Quds by about 600 years, AP reported.

The previously found tablet, now housed in an Istanbul museum, was discovered in the Shiloah water tunnel built during King Hezekiah's reign in the 8th century BCE and celebrates the completion of the tunnel.

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