Friday, September 12, 2014

New Nazca Lines Found in Peruvian Desert

In the Southwest Peruvian desert, new Nazca lines -- enormous geometric figures of animals such as snakes and birds -- have been exposed after a sandstorm.

The rock lines are thought to have been used by the Nazca civilization, who lived in south coastal Peru, in ancient rituals related to water or religion.

One of the newly discovered geoglyphs is the shape of a snake -- about 200 feet long -- and is located near the well-known hummingbird drawing (pictured above.) Other new finds include a bird, what looks like a llama and zig-zag lines, reports

A pilot and researcher, Eduardo Herrán Gómez, found the new rock lines last week during a flyover.

Archaeologists are researching whether the lines match those created by the Nazca, who lived from the first century B.C. and the fifth century A.D. The Nazca disappeared as the Inca Empire came to power.

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