Thursday, December 2, 2010

World’s Most Traveled Man Racks Up 15 Million Miles, 139 Countries

The Daily Mail is reporting that a British tourist is now officially recognized as the “World’s Most Traveled Man”, with:

15 million miles, 718 Concorde flights and 139 countries on the way.

Wealthy Fred Finn, 70, holds the official record for the most miles travelled by a passenger after visiting an incredible 70 per cent of the world’s 196 nations.

Fred has since spent 52 years travelling the globe, during which he has covered 15 million miles – the equivalent of travelling to the moon and back 31 times.

He has kept a detailed log of every flight and train journey he has taken, which he had counter-signed by each driver and pilot to verify his achievement.

Fred also holds the record for the most trips aboard Concorde, having notched up an impressive 718 flights – on which he always sat in the same seat.

As someone who’s always been a proponent of slow travel, I have to ask: is it possible to truly see the world if one is spending that much time “in transit”? Can’t say I envy him.

Richard, Mike. 2010. "World’s Most Traveled Man Racks Up 15 Million Miles, 139 Countries". Vagabondish. Posted: 2010. Available online:

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Anonymous said...

You have heard of Chris Guillebeau, right?

He's attempting to visit every country. He has an interesting blog. According to his website, he's been to 149 countries (right now he's on a US and Canada book tour).