Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Historical inns to be renovated to promote tourism in Kashmir

The Tourism Department of Jammu and Kashmir have planned to renovate the dilapidated historical inns, dotting the 84 kilometres long Mughal era road, to promote heritage tourism.

Talking to reporters here on Friday, Khurshid Qadri, an official of state Archaeology and Archives Department, said that the renovation and restoration schemes were going to be implemented soon.

"It is a historical route. These inns are assets to the route. Whosoever travels through this route would like to visit these inns too. There are many small structures on the route we will have to repair and maintain them to promote cultural tourism. We have conducted surveys and we will be undertaking more of works to restore these historical inns and promote tourism," he added.

However, locals said that though many a time State government decided for makeover but nothing has been done till now.

"We want to say to the government that this (inn) should be repaired. It should be renovated. It should be repaired so that tourists can visit them. The government only watches it but does nothing," said Rangil Singh.

The famous Shadimarg Sarai (inn), which was built by Mughal emperor Jahangir in seventeenth century, served as an important stopover for the travellers. However, today it is in shambles.

Plants, weeds and vines have grown on its walls and people have encroached its premises. (ANI)

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