Thursday, January 20, 2011

Megalithic site found in South Sumatra

A prehistoric megalithic site with a mass grave was recently uncovered on a one-hectare plot of land in a South Sumatra village.

The site was found in a coffee plantation belonging to Thamrin, 62, a resident of Segayun Village in Gumay Ulu District, Lahat Regency.

“There is a grave stone carved with batik-like motifs 50 centimeters high and 15 centimeters wide,” Thamrin told Antara on Monday.

A small statue was also found around 30 meters away from the grave.

A researcher from Palembang Archeology Center, Kristantina Indriastuti, said it was a residential area from the prehistoric era, as indicated by the statue that predates the spread of Islam in Indonesia.

“The grave with the gravestone may have belonged to a king,” she said.

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