Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Archaeologists: Byzantine and Roman Tombs Unearthed in South of Syria

Six archaeological tombs and antique finds dating back to the Byzantine and Roman eras were unearthed by Sweida's excavation mission at the site of Imtan in South of Syria.

Head of the mission Hussein Zen-Eddein said the tombs and finds uncovered belong to a family cemetery, adding that they contain clay lanterns and bronze bracelets and earrings.

Former excavation works at the site uncovered a basalt pillar on which Nabatean words dedicated to a Nabatean god were engraved. In addition, two other phrases (one in Latin and the other in Greek) were engraved on a basalt stone, referring to God Jupiter.

Milhelm, R. 2011. "Archaeologists: Byzantine and Roman Tombs Unearthed in South of Syria". Global Arab Network. Posted: January 2, 2011. Available online:

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