Saturday, January 9, 2016

Builders in Omsk stumble across Bronze Age burial site

Two graves dating back 2,700 years believed to be from ancient necropolis under city centre.

Workmen called in police and archeologists after discovery of the remains of the ancient people. One was buried with a knife and buckle.

Archeologists are still inspecting the find but they grave is believed to be from the Irmen culture and dates to approximately 700 BC to 800 BC.

]The experts believe the graves are in the same Bronze Age necropolis as was disturbed 103 years ago when the site was previously excavated during construction of a building that is now being renovated. At this time, five skulls were found along with an arrowhead, knife and buckle. 

In 1959 well-known local historian Andrei Palashenkov claimed this site on a high bank of the Om River was likely the site of an ancient necropolis or settlement, or both.

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Siberian Times. 2016. “Builders in Omsk stumble across Bronze Age burial site”. Siberian Times. Posted: September 29, 2015. Available online:

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