Monday, August 9, 2010

Plato's Secret

On July 16, 2010, I posted an article about Plato's secret language in his writings. By use of symbols he was able to inspire those of his time and the future his true philosophy. Since then I've received an email from George Kenney who interviewed Dr. Kennedy on his podcast. The discussion warranted mention here. So I have uncharacteristically posted a second post on this topic. It looks like this is going to reset philosophical thinking and maybe change the direction of how we think today as a culture. Anyway, enjoy!

The Gods on Mount Olympus don't rule the world. Science does. But Plato couldn't say that in ancient Greece without a good chance of being put to death. So Plato did a sensible thing: he hid his secret, using musical codes, inside his already magnificent philosophical construction, a philosophy that became the cornerstone of western thought. Some of his contemporaries were privy to his secret knowledge but over the centuries it was lost. Rediscovered recently by Dr. Jay Kennedy, Plato's faith in science sheds new light on the origins of modernity.

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Kenney, George. 2010. "Plato's Secret". Electric Politics. Posted: August 6, 2010. Available online:

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