Saturday, April 25, 2009

Marriage, Reproduction and Kinship

A friend sent me a magazine article about the real criminal aspects of polygamy (in Canada). As an anthropologist I think that criminalizing polygamy is absurd. However, its already in the criminal code (Section 293).

The article is here: Mcleans Article.

I read an interesting ebook at Wikibooks about the anthropological approach to the whole topic of marriage. You can read it here.

I think its interesting that they use the Mormon Church as an example of Polygyny. It is probably used because its in a more localized context.

Polygamy is actually the world's number one form of marriage. Although the numbers are perhaps waning throughout the world due to globalization and cross-cultural contamination, it is still permissable in many societies for many reasons. Note that even though it is allowed, not all participants in the society do it, but for permissability, it is broadly recognized and supported.

In the didja know category:

Germany instituted polygynous marriages after ww2.

Ontario, Canada had legalized polygyny. (I don't know if it's still allowed or not).

In certain tribal regions of Africa a woman will refuse to be the first wife. She wants to marry a man who shows experience and ability and that means that he has demonstrated that with at least one wife.

While North America has almost universally banned it, it still allows a married man to carry on extra-marital affairs, without any consequences. Well at least unless until the wife finds out.....

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